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  1. NAME

The name of the Club shall be the “West Herts & Watford Lawn Tennis Club”.



The objects of the Club shall be to promote the game of Lawn Tennis.



The Club shall be affiliated to the Lawn Tennis Association, the Hertfordshire Lawn Tennis Association, The West Herts Sports Club and such other bodies as the Committee may decide upon.


    1. The property of the Club shall be vested in the Committee who shall be appointed at a General Meeting and shall hold office for a fixed term, or until removed by a resolution of a General Meeting. Any vacancy in the office of Committee shall be filled at a General Meeting.  The Committee Members shall be indemnified against risk and expense of the Club property.
    2. The procedures and regulations for the day-to-day Management of the Club shall be laid down in Bye-Laws.
    3. The Management of the Club shall be vested in a Committee consisting of the Chairman, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Match Secretary, Ladies’ Captain, Men’s Captain, the Club’s Representative on the West Herts Sports Club Committee, and not more than seven other Members of the Club; five to form a quorum. The Committee shall administer the Club in accordance with these Rules and the Bye-Laws and shall have power to fill any casual vacancies that may occur on the Committee, and to settle disputed points not otherwise provided for by these Rules and the Bye-Laws or the Rules of the Lawn Tennis Association.
    4. d) The President, Vice Presidents, Officers and Committee shall be elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. Each candidate for election must be proposed and seconded by members entitled to speak and vote and an indication of his willingness to serve must be given.
    5. e) The Honorary Secretary may call a meeting of the Committee at any time in his discretion and shall do so if requested in writing by at least three Members of the Committee. At least seven days notice in writing of such meetings shall be sent to each Committee member.
    6. f) The Treasurer shall receive all subscriptions and make all payments on behalf of the Club, and shall keep proper books of account.



The classes of membership shall be:-

  1. Playing Members
  2. Full Playing Members – who shall be over the age of eighteen and shall be             entitled to the use of the Club’s facilities throughout the year.
  3. Junior Members – who shall be under the age of eighteen and shall enjoy the benefits of membership as defined in the Bye-Laws. Under 8 years as at 31 August of the previous year shall have free membership for the year.

iii.        Student Members

  1. Mid-Week Members – who shall be entitled to the use of the club facilities Monday to Friday prior to 6.00 pm.
  2. Summer Members – 1st May to 31st October.



  1. Honorary Members

Honorary Members shall enjoy all the privileges of membership of the Club and shall be elected at the General Meeting and have all the rights of a full senior member.

  1. Life Members

Life Members shall enjoy privileges of membership as defined …..


  2. a) Any Member whose subscription is unpaid by 30th June shall cease to exercise any of the privileges of Membership and his name may, at the discretion of the Committee, be erased from the books of the Club, but he shall remain liable for the full year’s subscription.
  3. b) If any Member be convicted of an indictable offence or be adjudged bankrupt or make a composition with his creditors, he shall thereupon cease to be a Member of the Club but the Committee shall have the power in their discretion to reinstate him.
  4. c) Should the conduct of any member whether on or off the Club premises be, in the opinion of the Committee, in any way injurious to the character or interests of the Club, the Committee may by a two-thirds majority of the members thereof present and voting at the meeting terminate his Membership provided that notice of the charge shall have been sent to such Member at least seven days before the Meeting and he shall have been permitted to attend and address the Meeting in answer to the charge.
  5. d) Any Member shall, upon ceasing to be a Member of the Club, forfeit all rights and claims upon the Club and its property and funds.


  2. a) Subscriptions shall be fixed by the Club in General Meeting. Annual subscriptions shall become due on the 1st May in respect of the ensuing year.  The Committee shall post in the pavilion the names of Members in arrear on the 1st June in each year and unless such subscription has been paid by the 30th June the provisions of Clause 6 a). above shall apply.
  3. b) Subscriptions in respect of Full Playing Members and Intermediate Members include the affiliation fee payable by the Club to the West Herts Sports Club and only such Members are entitled to the use of the West Herts Sports Club facilities. Any increase or decreases of such fee shall be passed on to Full Playing Members and Intermediate Members by adjustment of the annual subscription.  In the case of Full Playing Members and Intermediate Members who are already Members of the West Herts Sports Club, the annual subscription shall be reduced by the amount of the affiliation fee payable by the Club to the West Herts Sports Club in respect of other Full Playing Members or Intermediate Members.


  2. a) The Annual General Meeting, notice of which shall be posted on the Club Notice Board in advance, and of which not less than seven days notice shall be sent to each Member entitled to speak and vote, shall be held before the end of February of each year for the purpose of receiving the Committee’s Report and the Audited Accounts of the Club which shall be made up the 31st December immediately preceding such Meetings, the election of Officers, Committee and Auditors for the ensuing year and for the transaction of any other business.
  3. b) A Special General Meeting shall be called either at the discretion of the Committee or within twenty-eight days of the receipt by the Honorary Secretary of a written requisition signed by fifteen Members entitled to speak and vote stating reasons for which such Meeting is to be called. Not less than seven days notice shall be sent to all Members of any Special General Meeting and of the purpose of that Meeting.  No business shall be transacted at a Special General Meeting except that which is specified in the notice convening the Meeting.
  4. c) At a General Meeting of the Club the President, and in his absence, a Vice-President selected by the Committee, and in the absence of both the President and all the Vice-Presidents, a member selected by the Committee, shall take the chair, In order to constitute a quorum there shall be present not less than twelve members.  If within fifteen minutes of the time appointed for a General Meeting a quorum of members be not present, the Meeting shall be dissolved if convened upon the requisition of Members.  In any other case, it shall stand postponed to the same day in the following week at the same time and place, and at such postponed Meeting the business shall be transacted whatever the number of Members present.  All Members except Junior Members, shall be entitled to speak and record one vote upon every motion and in the case of an equality of votes the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.


  1.          VISITORS

Visitors may be allowed to enjoy the facilities of the Club as laid down in the Bye-Laws.



A resolution for the dissolution of the Club shall not be effective unless it be passed at a General Meeting by a majority of the Members present, and be confirmed by a resolution passed by a majority of five-sixths of the Members voting thereon at Special General Meeting held not less than one month thereafter, at which not less than two-thirds of the Members entitled to speak and vote shall be present.


  2. a) Rules

These Rules may only be altered at a General Meeting of the Club called in accordance with Rule 8.  Not less than seven days notice of any proposed alterations to the Rules at an Annual General Meeting shall be given to all Members entitled to speak and vote and such proposals must be received in writing by the Honorary Secretary not later than 1 month prior to the General Meeting.

  1. b) Bye-Laws
  2. The Bye-Laws may be altered at a General Meeting of the Club called in accordance with Rule 8. Not less than seven days notice of any proposed alteration to the Bye-Laws at an Annual General Meeting shall be given to all Members entitles to speak and vote and such proposals, except those posed in the Club House by the Committee between 1st January and twenty-one days prior to the Annual General Meeting, in accordance with (ii) below, must be received in writing by the Honorary Secretary not later than 1 month prior to the General Meeting.
  3. The Committee may also propose alterations to the Bye-Laws at any time except during the twenty-one days prior to an Annual General Meeting and Members will be thereby bound by such proposed alterations from the fifteenth day after the proposals have been first posted in the Club House until the next Annual General Meeting, unless a Special General Meeting is called for this purpose in accordance with Rule 8b), provided that such proposals have not been made null and void by objections, which should be sent in writing to the Honorary Secretary, being received from fifteen members entitled to speak and vote by the said fifteenth day. All accepted alterations must be the subject of a resolution at the next Annual General Meeting.  Any matter which is the subject of a proposed alteration rendered null and void as above may not be the subject of a further proposal, even in a substantially altered form, before the next Annual General Meeting unless a Special General Meeting is called for this purpose.

iii.        No Bye-Laws passed at a General Meeting may be the subject of a substantial alteration by the Committee in accordance with ii. above until one calendar year has elapsed.






A copy of the Rules and Bye-Laws and every amendment thereto shall be displayed in the Club House.



In the interpretation of these Rules, words importing the masculine gender shall include females, and words in the singular shall include the plural, and words in the plural shall include the singular.







The courts are normally open for play by members and visitors from 09.00am in the case of all-weather courts and 10.30am in the case of grass courts.  Play will cease at dusk but may continue until 10.00pm on the all-weather courts when floodlights are in use.


  2. a) Grass courts will be open, subject to 2c) below, from the last weekend in April to the second weekend in September and herein after this period will be referred to as the “Summer Season”.
  3. b) All-weather courts will be available for play throughout the year, subject to 2c) below.
  4. c) Courts may not be used if they have be declared unfit for play by either the groundsman or a member of the committee or if they have been reserved by the Committee for any reason, including team matches.
  5. d) Players are expected to take care of the courts and to ensure that the nets are slackened off after play is completed on all courts and Euroclay court dragged after play.
  6. e) The Club Coach has priority on the coaching court (bird cage) at all times.



Members are asked to co-operate in the maintenance of the Club House and Club property and in particular to ensure that all chairs, brooms etc. are put away after use and the Club House locked by the last person to leave.


  1. DRESS

Players must wear normal tennis dress and heal-less rubber soled tennis shoes when playing.


  2. a) The rules of the All England Lawn Tennis Club shall be the rules for play, a copy of these rules to be available at the Club for reference.
  3. b) Singles may not be played if more than one player is waiting to play and no other courts are available.  Players who have commenced playing singles before the above conditions apply, may complete one short set as defined in c). below unless it is a weekend afternoon, Wednesday and Friday evening or there are fewer than four courts open for club play when they may be asked to play doubles.
  4. c) If people are waiting to play those on the courts may play one short set i.e. the set is terminated as soon as one pair has won six games.
  5. d) If all the courts which are playable are in use or there are insufficient people to make up sets, then the player who has been waiting the longest will have the first choice of playing on the next available court and his partner and opponents must be selected by him, from those who have also been waiting, and, secondly, where there are fewer than three other such players or with the agreement of other waiting players, from players who have already played.
  6. e) Members may arrange sets with other members or visitors prior to arrival at the club, and are not bound by c or d provided that-
  7. In the summer season sets finish no later than 6.00pm on weekdays and not when Club play is in operation.
  8. There is at lease one other vacant playable court available at the commencement of play or, if only one court is available and further members arrive, they play in accordance with c) above.

iii.        Such sets are to be arranged prior to and not after arrival at the Club.


  1. f) The ladder will be used in the following circumstances-
  2. To regulate Club play during the periods referred to in e) i. above. The players at the bottom of the ladder must select three other players from the seven immediately above.  No player should decline if invited to do so and his name is displayed on the ladder.
  3. At other times where no courts are free and more than four players are waiting or if more than sixteen players are present.


Whenever the ladder is in operation, singles may not be played.


  1. g) Bye-Laws (b) to (f) above do not apply to Club tournament matches or other such matches as have been approved by the Committee.


  1. h) All disputes incidental to play or arrangements for sets shall be referred to a Committee Member who shall have full authority to decide.


  1. The Committee may refuse admission to the courts and Club House any person or persons if, in the interest of the Club, they consider this advisable and they may cause to be removed from the ground any persons or persons misconducting themselves.


  2. a) Junior members shall vacate the courts when requested to do so by any other member.


  1. b) Priority will be given to Junior play on Friday evening. Juniors may play at any other time provided that other members do not require the court on which they are playing, in which case they shall either move to a vacant court or wait until one becomes vacant.


  1. c) Juniors who have reached the required standard of play may upon application to the Club Committee be afforded facilities for play beyond the foregoing restrictions. Such approval must be obtained in writing from the Committee and on receipt of such approval shall be known as Club Intermediates.


  2. a) The Club will enter teams in the Hertfordshire County League and The Watford and District League as approved in the A.G.M. Specific approval of the Committee must be obtained for any other team matches.


  1. b) All matches and tournaments shall be approved by the Committee who shall endeavour to restrict Club play as little as possible.


  1. c) Fixture lists for all teams will be posted on the Club notice board and amended where necessary when dates of rearranged matches have been determined. Such amendments will be posted on the notice board in advance.


  1. d) Team captains should ensure that their matches start on time and are completed as soon as possible in order to minimise inconvenience to other members.


  1. e) Hertfordshire County League matches will normally be played on three grass courts. In the event of such courts being unfit for play, all weather courts will be used.  The vacant courts will be available for general Club play.


  1. f) Watford and District League matches will normally be played on three courts. The vacant courts will be available for general Club play.



  2. a) All challenge cups shall be competed for annually and the tournament is open to all full playing and intermediate members.


  1. b) All challenge cups shall be surrendered to the Honorary Secretary on or before the date fixed for the finals or, in the event of a member resigning or leaving the district, on or before the date of such resignation or departure.


  1. c) Arrangements for this tournament shall be made by a Sub-Committee appointed by the Committee and the fixing of any handicaps will be at the discretion of the Sub-Committee.


  2. a) Every Member shall be allowed to introduce visitors, subject to the Rules and Bye-Laws of the Club. Visitors may be introduced on the payment of a fee of £3.00 per day.  The names of visitors must be entered on the list provided for that purpose in the pavilion before starting to play.  The same visitor shall not be introduced on more than two occasions per month, provided the total number of visits in any one season does not exceed ten.


  1. b) The Committee may allow temporary residents in the district to use the courts on the payment of a fee to be fixed by the Committee.


  1. c) The Committee may allow persons who are not Members of the Club to use the courts during off peak times on payment of a fee to be fixed by the Committee or as agreed by the Committee.


  2. a) Periods of floodlit tennis must be booked on the booking sheet and Members will have priority of booking over other users of floodlit courts. Booking charts will be exhibited in the pavilion before being opened for general booking.


  1. b) Bookings will be taken from other than Tennis Club members provided the membership to the West Herts Sports Club has been paid.


  1. c) The charges for use of floodlit courts will be fixed by the Club in General Meeting and will be displayed on the Notice board in the main Club.


  1. d) Floodlit play must cease at 10.00pm.


  1. e) The Club coach has priority in the winter season for 4 floodlight courts on a Monday night 7pm – 10pm and the coaching court at all times.



Players will be expected to conduct themselves in a manner conforming to the generally accepted standards of behaviour on the court.  In particular:

  1. No one should walk behind a court while play is in progress.
  2. Players are asked to return balls from other courts at the earliest opportunity.

iii.        Between rallies balls should be fielded and returned to the server and care should be taken that this is done in a safe manner.


  2. a) Children under thirteen, except Junior Members, are not permitted in the Club grounds or premises unless under the supervision of an adult.


  1. b) Dogs are not permitted in the Club grounds or premises unless under proper control and in no event shall they be allowed on the Courts.



The Club coach is the only person who may coach members or non-members at the Club unless prior permission has been obtained in writing from the Club Coach and the Committee.


Group coaching sessions will be organised by the Club coach and advertised on the notice board in advance when the coach has priority over 3 all-weather courts.



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