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Update from Ben Gill: 1st December

Hi All

We have had a great response to the West Herts doubles league.  A special thanks to Greg for sowing the seed and helping to create this league.  The original concept was to help our social players to get involve and to help them improve their games by playing competitive matches over the Winter and Autumn seasons.  We have received a lot of interest from other club members and therefore are excited to open the league to all club members. We are also excited for the opportunity for our social players to compete with more experienced club players..

We currently have 24 doubles pairs and the league will run from 2nd December to 31 March next year. You arrange your own matches and frequency of play.  The league and standing are based on your results of your best 12 matches. You can play more if you wish but only the best 12 scores will count. You can only play against each pair once.

The format is the same as the flood light league of 12 game match.  The scores will be recorded by the number games won eg 12-0, 6-6 etc – No tie break.

We will set up a WhatsApp group to post scores and provide updates for the league. You can also update either Ben or Frank privately if you do not wish to post it in the WhatsApp group.

There will be a knockout tournament event in April next year to decide the Winning pair. The format of the tournament has yet to be decided but we will keep you posted in due course.

There is a £10 fee per person and the money which will go towards prizes for the winners of the league and the end of season tournament and some entertainment on tournament day in April.  will send a final list of double partners and contacts later this week.

Kind regards


A Mark Harris
A Sarah Merriman
B Lee Evans
B Russ Crawford
C Tina Pendry
C Fran Barham
D Christine Thomas
D Simon Thomas
E Carl Somers
E Matt Fosters
F Vicky Spinks
F Martin Connor
G Richard Lee Powell
G Martin Jenning
H Frankie Tan
H Aseem Shan
I Shelia Ashman
I Alex Ashman
J Ben Gill
J Michael Carney
K Mark Heneghan
K Kevin Lomas
L Nick Andrews
L Andzrej
M Richard Haines
M Noah Haines
N Nick Golding
N Tim Axtell
O Laurence Owen
O Steve Shorto
P Kamlesh Chauhan
P Anil
Q Angese Bean
Q Stephen Bean
R Josh
R Aziz Yousoof
S George Mellling
S Simon Stock
T Ben Pegg
T Freddie
U Greg Pegg
U Neil Mantrippe
V Derek Walker
V Jane Walker
W Barry Flood
W Shirley Flood
X Roger Killick
X Vic Belle
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